A bit of a cheesy taste. These chips don't really have a taco taste at all. FAQ • Questions about snacks? I still like them better than anything else in the Doritos brand family. If your favorite Doritos flavor is missing, add it to the list. It’s fuel for disruption—the flavors ignite adventure and inspire action. Did anyone else notice that you got a really terrible aftertaste if you drank a Pepsi right after eating Taco Doritos? I know how sad it is when a favorite junk food goes MIA - or when the recipe changes and is no longer as good as before. - Country-Sunshine, My husband read your articles and wanted me to take the side of thumbs down. Helpful. It's a little faded and lacking some detail, but it is enough to remind you of the original item. What a great lens, I love what you've done here. but I too was disappointed with the flavor. I had to admit that they really did not taste the same. The original ingredients: photographic Evidence that the new Taco Doritos are not the same! Comment Report abuse. Once inside the store, the Taco Doritos were easy to spot. We all mourn when a favorite corporate-manufactured food is taken away from us. Was so excited to see this were back! So I just don't know what I missed out on! In Australia, Doritos has a "Mexicana" flavor that is similar to the original and my favorite Taco flavor. I love nacho cheese doritos...never tried the taco ones ! The flavors of cumin, chili, and oregano are missing. Signature Select Flavored Tortilla Chips. It had me smiling, I like that. I appreciated it, but still, it’s too bad it can’t be my taco-flavored Doritos. In this case, they paired Crunchy Taco Doritos with either Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch Doritos. All in all, the flavor is perfect when you get a perfectly season coated chip. Buy Doritos Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips, 9.75 oz Bag at Walmart.com One of the current flavors I've tried resembles them; it may be the "spicy sweet chili" flavor, though I doubt it is identical. My hair and beard has grown out into tiny Taco Flavored Doritos! The savory-snack subsidiary of PepsiCo responsible for brands like Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetos, and Lay's, was impacted by a shift in consumer habits at the start of the pandemic. Hi Joan: Not a big fan of Doritos of any kind but I' a huge fan of how you did this lens!! Then when they reintroduce it, for some reason it just doesn't taste the same. Check out the 100 latest reviews, Questions about this site? He can even taste the taco beef. Wow, you had me hooked from the title - Taco Flavor Doritos - I used to LOVE those things! I don't understand why when something is so great they feel the Need to fix it. Over the years, the recipe for Taco Doritos was changed a few times, and eventually they were taken off the market (I haven't been able to find a reliable timeline on all of this). This list includes all Doritos flavors available in the US, as well as some discontinued Doritos flavors that are missed by many. They didn't pull any punches. The corn chip flavor predominated and augmented what we think of as "the flavor". Now personally I can't stand blue cheese or ranch flavor for dipping things into or to dress up. That is consistent with my own hazy memory that the Taco flavor had preceded the Nacho Cheese flavor. Doritos original Taco Flavor has had its own following since it went away long, long ago but now it's back permanently and features the taste of tacos on a typical Doritos corn tortilla chip. There absolutely MUST be a record orf the Original Taco flavor recipe. :-) Anyway, I think they bring it back for a limited time every few years or so. Chester Does Doritos. Those are a winner hands down! - MHF. 20. Sometime later, they may have added some of the nacho cheese flavor (which I have never liked). A combination of Doritos … Maybe that is the missing ingredient... Why don't we all start writing to Frito-Lay ? Doritos Tortilla Chips Taco Flavor (retro bag) Buy Doritos on Amazon #ad . - Michelle, The original 60s and 70s taco were the best. Is my first love returning to me? I also remember them having a lot of reddish powdery coloring that would come off on your fingers. I have seen them in vending machines over the last year or 2 but no big bags food lion grocery has the big bags this week have never seen them in the big bags and it's buy one get one free so I bought 10 bags love them. I still remember that taste and yea there was no cheese flavor. Thanks! Taste test: This was certainly the most confusing bag of Doritos ever. - getmoreinfo, I can't accurately remember the old flavor very well, but when I saw the bag with the little sombrero hat on it I was excited enough! The first flavor was Toasted Corn, released in 1966, followed by Taco in 1967 and Nacho Cheese in 1972. I remember when they hooked up with Taco Bell and introduced the tomato and cheese flavors into them. He absolutely had to have these Doritos, and insisted I drive the 25+ miles one way to town to get them. But glad it's back. I was told they have been discontinued temporarily. I loved the Taco Doritos back in the 70s - my first bag of "Nacho Cheese" Doritos was my last - and the new Taco Doritos are okay. I still like them, but they are nowhere as good as the original without the sour cream flavoring. I bought 2 bags in case it was a one time shot. I thought it was just me - that they didn't taste the same when they re-released them. The old ones had no cheese or dairy-like flavor at all. 10 oz. Frito Lay please remove the MSG. However, the back of this bag says "Love Doritos Taco? But these Doritos had a flavor that was not there before. Like you, I couldn't believe when they took the Taco Flavor off the market. I work at a grocery store, and taco seems to be the flavor that sells the most out of all the doritos. Without the sour cream, this would probably be a pretty damned good chip. - PapaKork, I'll go with thumbs down. Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on May 07, 2012: I love your zest for the quest to find the new ones! https://www.fritolay.com/find-in-store.htm). Was it just me? Taco flavored Doritos are my favorite flavored Doritos. (All of the photos on this page are by me, except one. Oh, and I was wondering if your taste buds have adjusted to the change or have you moved on for good? For some reason I got to thinking of this last night and realized that I didn't finnish my comment after the dancing in the streets, sadly the music was just not the same and that good news folks will be hoping to find was better in the past...a shame, sorry your hopes were dashed, guess all those new additives just don't taste right! I was maybe 10 the first time i tried them. Doritos were part of what he stocked. Buy Doritos on Amazon #ad . We now buy organic corn chips that have about a fourth of the ingredients listed above (as in just food and no chemicals). It remains a current flavor offering. 9 oz. There's a guy on Flickr who has a collection of photos of old product packaging, and he took a picture of an old Taco Doritos bag. Stupid Frito-Lay. If I do spot a bag I have to buy for fear it's the last I will see. We love them! From a fan that once wrote to Frito-Lay asking them to reinstate Taco Doritos, the new ones are good, and better than any other flavor Dorito currently has out (Spicy Nacho has been my only other Dorito weakness in 51 years! But I really enjoyed your review quite a bit. Even the darkest orange chips in the bag have only a hint of the original flavor. When the Taco Flavor Doritos were first re-released, they were only available in selected stores. They had a few bags here in NH few years back. These newfangled Taco Doritos are such a major disappointment, I'm about ready to write my disappointment to the factory. I was at a 7-Eleven in Oakdale California this morning and I saw a bag of Taco Bell mild tortilla chips, I tried them what I didn't expect to find was as close to the original 70s recipe taco flavored Doritos that I have ever tasted..... if you like the old recipe Doritos from the 70s give these a try you won't be disappointed I'm psyched out!!!!!!! - Jay B. Talk about two great tastes that go great together. Good! The original did not have sour cream. I remember the originals to be bold..but not hot...and slightly greasy....which made them great. During the time they went off the market, the formulation of the chips themselves changed--they are not as crispy, not as substantial, have rounded corners, etc. Sorry your quest to not lead to the happy ending you were looking for...however, it did get you a Purple Star! I'm not so much concerned about that second bit--it's the nacho cheese and sour cream part that annoys me. I would love for Frito-Lay to reintroduce the original taco flavored tortilla chips to the northeast US; I think the market for them here will do well. I am about to decide they have taken them off the market, too. 4 people found this helpful. I grew up in so cal in east la in the 60s and i remember the plain doritos. One of the best junk foods, ever. The last ones left were Doritos, but at some point they started adding sour cream flavoring (I was pretty annoyed). I also remember the new taco flavor coming out and I was hooked! The spices were reminiscent of the flavors you would associate with Mexican cooking, but they weren't hot. Also, I love how you are holding the "specimen" in your intro picture. That is consistent with my own hazy memory that the Taco flavor had preceded the Nacho Cheese flavor. I have not been able to find taco flavored Doritos since the pandemic started. But, in 1997, they were discontinued over concerns that hiding toys inside chocolate could pose a choking hazard. Disappointed, to say the least. The new ones taste only slightly of the old, bold flavor. I have a very hard time finding these lately though. I scanned the ingredients, but since I had never paid attention to the ingredients when I was a kid, I had no idea whether it was the same recipe or not. The other remarkable thing about Jason's photo is the price on the bag. I wan't to be sure it's the flavor I am addicted to and not the "flavor enhancer". The odds didn't seem that great since corporations are very good at only sharing the information they choose to share and the old Doritos pre-dated the internet by a long way. Doritos isn’t just a chip. Especially dipping it in home made salsa. I think the cheese flavor is the one I buy the most now. It … Cocoa for flavoring??? 9 oz. It is a pale echo of the original. I will buy more but wish we could get the flavor of our childhood again. Awesome! I agree I found a bag of the Taco flavored but I instantly knew this wasn't the same flavor, something was off, big disappointment. With advanced technology and investment put into new machinery, we are proud to present you with well-sized blankets, Whether used as a lap warmer or snuggling in on a cold wintery night, these refined sizes are conveniently suited for … The new taco (from 1980 to 2016) is just a shadow of the original...too much cheese and sour cream...not enough true spices of the 1970 version. I completely agree they do not taste the same at all. I loved and still love them dearly. The only thing I have seen that came close were Mexi-Snax Pico de Gallo Tortilla chips. I feel like I was duped, with the throwback packaging and the picture on the bag. Definitely not the same flavor as the one's I ate in high school in the mid-seventies. Look for it in new packaging coming soon" with a picture of not the Original Taco bag but the Taco bag. Like you, I remember them as being really thick with flavor back in the day. Had my taste buds dulled over the years? Don't hold us in suspense. It was a retro bag using a design from the 1960s or 70s — that much makes sense to me — but beyond that, things get very hazy. They were a staple of my junk food habit. It is clear that many people long for something more like the ACTUAL original Taco flavored chip. I live in the Dallas area. I love Doritos here in the Philippines. These are exactly as I remember and are amazing I am a bit younger so I probably Have only had the new formula Also with new health regulations Doritos might not be able to make the same ones (see Malcolm Gladwells podcast revisionist history on McDonald’s French fries ). Review published var pubDate = new Array('Ma','rc','h ','20','11',''); for (i=0;i Boya Mic Price In Pakistan, Koleston Ash Blonde, Define At Best, Best Bream Lures 2020, Medicare Part A Eligibility, Duplex For Sale Orlando, Minute Rice Serving Size, Advertising Executive Salary, Propagandhi Net Worth, Yellow Leaves On Pothos, The Colours Of Life,