Like Michelle, up until recently, Ive never been proud to be an American, this all changes that. Pentax K7 - 《before sunset after sunrise》.wmv. 1:33. Directed by Brett Ratner. Watch the movie trailer for After The Sunset (2004). Da stört selbst Woody Harrelson als FBI-Mann nur wenig. Awards; FAQ; User Reviews; User Ratings; External Reviews; Metacritic Reviews; TV. Before Sunset, un film de Richard Linklater Everything about After The Sunset can be found in our movie archive. Un film agreabil, fără prea mari pretenţii cinematografice. USA . 97 Minuten Regie. After the Sunset: Sonne, Sand, Meer und Salma Hayek in heißen Höschen: So lässt sich Pierce Brosnan als Ex-Gauner den Ruhestand gefallen. Please turn on javascript. Though he is now retired to an island paradise, trouble comes looking for Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) when his former nemesis from the FBI (Woody Harrelson) shows up with news of a big score rumored to be on the horizon.