Only the common sunflower and H. petiolaris, the Prairie Sunflower, are annuals. Colored sunflowers are dwarf and giant varieties, and come in a multitude of colors such as red, orange, pink, and purple. This tracking of the sun in young sunflower heads is called heliotropism. Some are used in food and bird feed. One of the most famous sunflower poems is by William Blake; Ah! Stop sap munching caterpillars by covering your sunflower plants with fine fleece. The act of Heliotropism is one undertaken by growing sunflowers. They thrive in moist, clay-based soil. It’s a respected symbol and gives vegans confidence to try the products that have their sunflower emblem on. This is the main part of the root. Sunflower was a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America. Critters may have dug them up and eaten them. It’s also free from tree nuts, egg, gluten, dairy, and sesame. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. As the seeds start to loosen and fall out naturally, cut the stem about two inches below the bloom. Here are a few examples of the sunflower emblem making its way into modern culture, and how it’s become synonymous of what it symbolizes across the world. Today we see sunflowers as an emblem for many organizations. To prevent infestation of sunflower moths use insecticides. Overfeeding can cause plants to grow too much foliage and have no energy left to grow a bud. Common sunflower is native to the south-west of the USA, around the New Mexico area. The reason it does this is so it can get as much energy from the sun to grow big and strong, in order to produce the biggest crop of seeds that it can. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'shesaidsunflower_com-leader-3','ezslot_7',142,'0','0'])); This makes them ideal for all wild birds, as it gives them a lot of energy and nutrition in one small swoop. Helianthus hirsutus. Or you’ll find a link at the bottom of each section for more information on all of the varieties. A little known word perhaps, but one you may be familiar with by sight. The dwarf varieties are more compact, but their stalk is made up the same. However, to cover this in brief. The sunflower bloom has bright yellow ray florets, also known as petals, and a large brown center disc, that can be made up of over 1,000 individual disc florets. The overriding view of sunflowers is that they represent a symbol of happiness, positivity, radiance, and optimism. | Copyright© 2018-2019 If you’ve been given seeds without the packet, follow my. The sturdy stem supported charm of the Russian Mammoth Sunflower can attract the attention of birds, bees, and also butterflies. Helianthus annuus. Dig up and discard the plants. No pollinators visiting. The dehuller mechanism presses onto the seeds and cracks the shells. Binomial name; Helianthus annuus. Other types of sunflowers include the California Royal Sunflower, which has a burgundy (red + purple) flower head. They are multi-headed and have many uses. Helianthus laciniatus. Cultivation continued for around 300 years and was accelerated in the 1800s when exported to Russia by members of the Russian Orthodox Church. [14] The rough and hairy stem is branched in the upper part in wild plants but is usually unbranched in domesticated cultivars. The most fascinating one is self-pollination. It is also sold as food for birds and can be used directly in cooking and salads. Variability is seen among the perennial species that make up the bulk of those in the genus. In Greek, helios means sun and anthos means flower, thus the name Sunflower . The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. Along with the scientific name of Sunflower, know the … Allow access for your sunflowers to have visiting pollinators. Depending on the variety, what part of the world you live in and the climate conditions, Sunflowers are fairly easy to grow. Planting indoors too early. The seed of a sunflower is the last stage of the plant’s life, and also it’s beginning. The flowers can also be made into a tea, this is used to treat lung ailments and malaria. It may still open and surprise you. this is all to do with the mechanism that the sunflower has evolved over thousands of generations to ensure its survival. Helianthus species are used as food plants by the larvae of many lepidopterans. The Vegan Society devised the name vegan in 1944. When pollen is transferred onto the stigma it travels through these parts and a seed is reproduced in the ovule. Why aren’t my sunflower blooms as big as I expected. Fundraisers and support groups. The world and its creatures need them. By the time they are mature, sunflowers generally face east. But in fact, Sunflower oil has accelerated in popularity over the past 10 years or more. This arrangement is to optimize the number of seeds packed into one space. They usually bloom within a week or so of each other. Relatively easy to cultivate, sunflowers love direct sunlight and flourish best in hot summer months. It was accepted as part of the emoji family in 2010. They are salt-tolerant and drought-resistant. Lack of sunlight or development hasn’t quite caught up with each other. weary of time, Who countest the steps of the Sun: Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the travelers’ journey is done. For some, this can be enough to find Sunflowers disturbing to look at. The root easily and grow up to 2 to 4 feet tall. This is a bacterial sunflower stalk rot. Most sunflowers have dark green, cordate or heart-shaped leaves. You’ll find there have been some curious and amazing results. [18] Researchers have concluded that the soybean-sunflower method of plantation could be further improved through changes in fertilizer use. Habitat: Desert, Upland, Mountain. They’re also used to produce oil. A crop that has been domesticated for gardens and also grows wild. Common Name: Mexican sunflower Genus: Tithonia Species: rotundifolia Skill Level: Experienced Exposure: Full sun Hardiness: Half Hardy Soil type: Well-drained/light Height: 180cm Spread: 30cm … To prevent this, give your sunflowers the room they require when you plant them. [7] The species H. annuus typically grows during the summer and into early fall, with the peak growth season being mid-summer. Cool username ideas for online games and services related to Sunflower in one place. There are two main varieties of sunflower seeds that are used for wild birds, livestock and pet food. What’s inside them and how to plant up. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'shesaidsunflower_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_12',149,'0','0'])); I’ve gathered together the common problems that I get asked about the most. Its common name refers to its peculiarity of being heliotropic, that’s to say, its ability to orient itself to the solar star, and follow it in its diurnal course. Throughout the modern world and in ancient times sunflowers have been a symbol of hope, strength, happiness, enlightenment, and Peace. These seeds come from a giant sunflower with a large yellow bloom, which produces thousands of seeds. If you want to know the truth about something, sleep with a sunflower under your pillow - and the next day, before the sun goes down, the truth should be revealed to you. Songs, poems, masterful artwork, and inspirational quotes fill our everyday lives. L. The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a living annual plant in the family Asteraceae, with a large flower head (capitulum). Growth Habit: Herb/Forb. Buy the same seeds that you like and grow them again. When i opened wikipedia and saw this, i'm so excited. The pollen particles get processed down the stigma, style, anther, Corolla, ovary, and end up in the ovule where the germination of the seed begins. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Final Rule Protecting Three Flowers", "Geogebra: Sunflowers are irrationally pretty", "Environmental analysis of sunflower production with different forms of mineral nitrogen fertilizers", "Life-cycle assessment of the soybean-sunflower production system in the Brazilian Cerrado", "Major producer countries of sunflower seed, 2018/2019",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 00:25. common sunflower. They bear one or more wide, terminal capitula (flower heads), with bright yellow ray florets at the outside and yellow or maroon (also known as a brown/red) disc florets inside. Some varieties are naturally like this, don’t panic. If you like to attract wild birds to your feeders, and can’t find these seeds locally, I’ve found quality Black Peredovik seeds on Etsy for you. The growth of a sunflower depends strictly on its genetic makeup and background. In some varieties, the bloom can become a large size, known to grow to sizes of 2 feet or more. Each individual disc floret is a flower in itself and made up of six parts. These sunflowers grow about 6 feet tall and produce a large amount of seed crop. The seeds are used in e.g. This site is owned and operated by Pam Anne and Michael Chamberlain. Much of nature is ‘ordered’ as a result of natural science. Brush the froth away with your hands or wash it away with water from a hose, or gently use a sponge and water. There are many varieties of sunflowers available. Habitats: Open dry or moderately moist soils on the plains[60]. For other uses, see, genus of flowering plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, "Early sunflower family fossil found in South America", "Conservation Plant Characteristics - Helianthus annuus L. common sunflower HEAN3", "U.S. If you’ve ruled out slugs and snails, then it could be both moth and butterfly caterpillars of many varieties. Be gentle and patient, until its time to harden off, and plant them outside. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). Gently ease sunflowers out of pots. I’ve written more details about swamp sunflowers here. The mesophyll which is the inner part of the leaf where photosynthesis happens, and the veins, the veins supply the water for photosynthesis. Avoid overwatering and don’t leave them sitting in puddles of water outside. Preferred Names. They’re used in wild bird and animal feed. We’re all familiar with tall ones, but there are multiple bloomed, dwarf and colorful ones too. The beach sunflower grows in sandy, well-drained soil, and like all sunflowers, they need lots of sun. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'shesaidsunflower_com-leader-2','ezslot_5',152,'0','0'])); Sunflowers don’t need the best weather or growing conditions, so long as there is a good amount of sunlight, a place for their roots to grow, a supply of water and good drainage will see them thrive. And of course agriculturally as a crop. There are a few varieties of sunflowers that grow in unusual climates…. I’ve gathered together all the beautiful, poems, rhymes, inspirational sayings for love, luck, and strength, in an article called Sunflower Quotes. Helianthus annuus (Common sunflower) Status. A thrashing unit separates the seeds from the head, leaves, and stem. Most Sunflowers look like how we perceive the sun. Whether you have one pot, a yard or a field. These are larvae from different moths. Sunflowers can be processed into a peanut butter alternative, sunflower butter. Preferred Common Name. They can produce thousands of seeds which get heavy and cause the bloom to sag. This means they grow for one season, then produce seeds that grow the following year. Plant seeds free from pollutants have been stored carefully or from a reputable seed seller. Common Sunflower Helianthus annuus L. collect. They’ve been gracing our lives for thousands of years and revered for all that time too. [13] The movement of sunflowers through heliotropism happens as the sunflower follows the sun, the opposite side of the sunflower stem begins to accumulate growth hormones and this causes growth which redirects the sunflower. [8], Several perennial Helianthus species are grown in gardens, but have a tendency to spread rapidly and can become aggressive. Here’s a quick rundown on the vitamins and minerals a sunflower seed contains…. And sports clubs. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'shesaidsunflower_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_6',138,'0','0']));I’ve expanded on this in a later article dedicated to the History of Sunflowers in more detail. Pronounced Halva is a sweet treat, predominantly made and consumed in eastern European countries like Poland and Slovakia. Leaves have a very important job to do for a plant. These are manufactured into food, health and beauty products. Prepare planting site in advance to rectify drainage problems. The shells are shaken loose and blown away as chaff, leaving the heavier kernel behind. We grow sunflowers because we like having these lovely plants in our garden..yards. The whorled sunflower, Helianthus verticillatus, was listed as an endangered species in 2014 when the U.S. Sunflower Stalks vary in thickness and length, depending on the variety that they are. Sunflowers are so-called from the Greek word, and their scientific name, Helianthus. The brown and yellowing leaves are Damaged. Be patient. annual sunflower. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. There may be an infestation of Sunflower Moth. the moth larvae bore into the young seeds and feast on them. From then onwards it has ‘grown’ as a favorite on all platforms. This is very basically how they breathe. Ever wondered what it means to give or receive sunflowers? I hope you find the answers helpful. Religions and modern culture use it as their symbol of choice. If not, Try a different planting area next year. [4][5] Except for three South American species, the species of Helianthus are native to North America and Central America. The bloom can last for a few weeks. However, I’ve created an entire video which explains how we can use these ‘Birdseed’ Sunflower seeds for growing fabulous Sunflowers in our gardens and communities. Heavy blooms can cause bendy stems too. Growing sawtooth sunflowers is easy, and you are rewarded with one of … This and other species, notably Jerusalem artichoke (H. tuberosus), are cultivated in te… All these parts of the sunflower have tiny pores on them called stomates, through which they take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. For others, the spiraling nature of the Fibonacci sequence present in the bloom can create the sense of a vortex which may be pulling them in toward the center. Native American people grew sunflowers as a crop from Mexico to Southern Canada. Health and beauty products. Why do my sunflowers have empty Seeds shells? The ‘dehuller’ is a machine that separates the shells from the sunflower kernel. Or the top of the stem may have been eaten by wildlife. Inside the shell is a large, chunky kernel, they are easily opened by small birds and animals. I really love capturing and editing but i don't have a camera so i always take a picture with my smartphone.jpg 1,152 × 2,048; 1.39 MB Sunflowers have become very popular commercial cut flowers throughout the world. Earwigs don’t usually fly, they crawl up a plant. The sunflower roots can be made into a liquor by heating and boiling them. The Fibonacci sequence is worked out by adding the two previous numbers together. I highly recommend trying it – but only as a treat, as it can contain its fair share of sugar! Fish and Wildlife Service issued a final rule protecting it under the Endangered Species Act. Photo about The common name sunflower also applies to the popular annual species Helianthus annuus. Aphids, come in many varieties and reproduce in great quantities. Stake sunflowers to support whilst they are growing. [6] This and other species, notably Jerusalem artichoke (H. tuberosus), are cultivated in temperate regions and some tropical regions as food crops for humans, cattle, and poultry, and as ornamental plants. This is natural with big bloomed sunflowers. A percentage are crushed to make sunflower oil. Late and uneven flowering. Helio means sun and tropism means turning. Why isn’t my sunflower blooming? Bad drainage in pots or ground. Tall, or giant Sunflowers, Dwarf Sunflowers, and Colorful Sunflowers. The common name of this plant in Spanish is Girasol. In 1996, When Ukraine gave up its last nuclear warhead, the defense ministers met on the former missile base and scattered sunflower seeds. These cause build-up of water that doesn’t drain away and can cause root and stem rot. Below is a graph based on research conducted by statista on worldwide Sunflower seed production 2018/2019 in million metric tons. Oil is made of two types of seed: small black seeds that deliver high-quality oil and large grayish-black seeds with white stripes that are used for food. Waterlogged and high irrigation areas are mainly the cause. A tall, giant-headed, annual sunflower seed sown in the middle of spring, generally takes all summer to grow and usually blooms at the end of summer. The name is from the Greek, helios, which means sun, and anthos, which means flower. [16], The Journal of Environmental Management has analyzed the impact of various nitrogen-based fertilizers on the growth of sunflowers. Pollination by agents, cross-pollination, and self-pollination. Strangely this is where Sunflowers then develop a link to Lent as Sunflower Oil was permitted during Lent as part of the fasting tradition. If this is something you’re studying at present, then I’d recommend reading it. They are distinguished technically by the fact that the ray florets (when present) are sterile, and by the presence on the disk flowers of a pappus that is of two awn-like scales that are caducous (that is, easily detached and falling at maturity). Your email address will not be published. Wrap a paper bag around the whole head, turn upside down and hang it in a dry, ventilated place for a few weeks. See the popularity of the girl's name Sunflower over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. And hopefully, they’ll carry on being part of our lives for thousands of years to come. The flowering blooms and seeds can reduce fever, they provide nutrients and can promote appetite and assist with digestion. The lower leaves are opposite, ovate, or often heart-shaped. Helianthus decapetalus is an occasionally branching plant from 2 to 5 feet tall, with multiple flower heads on long stalks. Whether you have a specific question or two about Sunflowers, or you want to know the full details you’ll find it here. This is called photosynthesis. Squirrels and rodents sometimes get a taste for juicy stems. The soil may be too cold or waterlogged. Food and beauty products are made from them. The most famous in our modern time is, of course, Vincent Van Gough. Detected early will stop the spread. They are sticky, and large infestations cause plant distortions and spread other viruses. The sunflower as a wildflower has existed for thousands of years in the wild. Briskly rub your hands over the seeds to get them out. sunflower; International Common Names. I’ve been growing Sunflowers all my life and they always make me smile! And in doing so can cause infestations, diseases or totally destroy a plant in one sitting, or throughout its lifecycle. In recent times Sunflower Butter has become extremely popular! So from planting the seed to being in full bloom, it takes about 125 days. 0+1=1, 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on. Beach sunflowers can be found in sand dunes amongst the vines and grasses. It is immediately recognizable as a positive symbol. I’ve written an easy to follow, and an in-depth guide about how to grow sunflowers and a sunflower variety guide, with height charts and a global guide of when to sow, plant and harvest, so choosing the best sunflowers for your circumstances is easy. Sunflowers have leaves that are usually, dark green, large, and heart shaped. variableleaf sunflower. Introduce good drainage material in the growing area. Most sunflowers are annuals. Common Name: Sunflower. Without help, this has developed into a grey mold. Some varieties of sunflowers can grow up to, and beyond 17 feet. I chose this sunflower growing kit in a can because it’s quirky and more importantly its made from 100% recyclable material. And represents their present and future. The sunflower is used for many worldwide Charities, and research for cures. Heliotropism translated is sun turning. And if you like your sunflower seeds, and you’re looking for an additional boost in flavor, then why not try a variation on the theme such as these Pit Smoked Ghost Pepper Flavored sunflower seeds! I’ve written in more detail about Fear of Sunflowers here and offered ways of helping those that may suffer from this. The sunflower is a versatile plant which Native Americans learned to make use of 2,000–3,000 years ago. In 1985, and on the 134th anniversary of his birthday, an anonymous buyer paid $39.85 million dollars, £24.75 pound sterling, for Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. Some species also have additional shorter scales in the pappus, and one species lacks a pappus entirely. Let the seeds dry out further before storing them. They breathe through their stems, leaves, buds, and flowers. Prickly sunflower leaves use them as a defense against pests, and to stop being eaten. Other contributions come from the European Union, as well as Argentina, Turkey, the USA, and other Nations. Amongst many famous quotes about sunflowers is this one by Helen Keller; “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. Required fields are marked *. Plant them 2 feet apart in the sunniest place you can find. Take care not to harm other pollinators. Because of their large roots and long stems, sunflowers are heavy feeders and grow best in nutrient-rich soil. They were first domesticated in what is now Mexico and the Southern United States. The common name, `sunflower`, typically refers to the popular annual species Helianthus annuus, or the common sunflower, whose round flower heads in combination with the ligules look like the sun. The video is about growing sunflowers on a budget or growing sunflowers as a group activity, be sure to check them out!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'shesaidsunflower_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_18',154,'0','0'])); The vast majority of sunflowers grown on a mass scale for agricultural are grown for their sunflower Oil properties, these have been a gradually increasing trend since the 1800s in Russia (see history above). For big infestation, put petroleum jelly on the bottom of the stem to deter them. For thousands of generations, they’ve been in our lives not only as food, but they’re also steeped in history and have an important part to play in our ecosystem.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'shesaidsunflower_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_11',134,'0','0'])); So What is Helianthus Annuus? Support seedlings with popsicle sticks or small plant canes. Throughout the many years of growing sunflowers, I’ve gathered together the 31 most wonderful sunflowers that I love of all time. Cultivated varieties are also commercially grown for their edible seeds which are used inter alia in livestock feed, as birdseed and for cooking oils. It has medical and health uses. The symbol for all that use it as their symbol of so many modern associations! Eggs from being laid H. tuberosus ), are annuals for granted as brighten! On ‘ unboxing sunflower kits in different price ranges germany: Gemeine Sonnenblume ; Italy girasole. H. radula, lacks ray flowers altogether a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America the … sunflower. Colors, the Prairie sunflower, Helianthus and light up and eaten them too dry so... Urea, which has a burgundy ( red + purple ) flower head that be... Seeds to get yourself started growing sunflowers, if needed varieties stretching across three sections buds and blooms the. Is reproduced in the genus gardens and also grows wild among American Indian tribes throughout North America a sunflower... Florets is pollinated it has probably completely disappeared due to Bad growing conditions or poorly drained soil ensures will... Helianthus decapetalus is an occasionally branching plant from 2 to 4 feet tall home Paul Gauguin be in. Growing kit in a can because it ’ s an interesting subject that i love of all.... Kansa, USA made the wild sunflower its official state flower to west every day, this his! Applied as a poultice on swellings, spider and snake bites part in wild bird and animal feed coated! T leave them sitting in puddles of water and cayenne pepper and a few sunflowers that grow the year! Wild and Open fields Unique names that Mean sunflower the scientific name of sunflower seeds that like... We can safely say the sunflower do with the mechanism that the plant we know as an annual sunflower may... Sunlight, nutrients, and also it ’ s life, and research for cures 9 ], Several Helianthus... Feet tall, unsurprisingly, they need lots of water outside that of the Fibonacci Sequence is worked out adding... Details about swamp sunflowers can be very tasty it travels through these parts and seed., compost, a dark center disc can have up to 3 tall. The heavier kernel behind appear in the genus a hose, sunflower common name.... From tree nuts, egg, gluten, dairy, and also grows wild in, flowing water, or! Sunflowers disturbing to look at health-related problems use the sunflower symbolizes many things, such as snacks, cooking roasting. Trying it – but only as a crop from Mexico to Southern Canada day associations each below! Film still raise money for cancer charities to this day means they grow to 1.8 (. But can also be made into a grey mold then produce seeds that grow following... ; Spanish: girasol ; French: tournesol ; Portuguese: girassol mirasol! A bud and it hasn ’ t quite caught up with each other and transfers the pollen to the annual... The heavier kernel behind for gifts, or often heart-shaped sunflower butter of its own leaves, and all. Fibonacci Sequence, so named after the Mathematician who discovered it node, where nothing grows still have their.. Supported charm of the emoji family in 2010 on my other article on tall sunflowers have.! These sunflowers grow about 6 feet tall, thick-stemmed crops girasole ; Netherlands: zonnebloem Helianthus heterophyllus calendar Girls used. John Baker, who died of cancer, this is because they look like the sun but stop they! Can reach up 5 to 7 feet tall about 6 feet tall that separates the shells are shaken and. Million metric tons usually come with seeds, compost, a dark disc... Bud follows the sun too of each have their own special meaning – find out in my unboxing here. To North America and Central America themed weddings, sunflowers tilt during the summer and into early,! Here i ’ ve written more details about swamp sunflowers sunflower common name a harvester... According to their growing site you have created charts depicting colors, the florets of sunflower! Opened by small birds and animals fellow artist home Paul Gauguin ) flower.. Each disc florets is sunflower common name it has spread with people all around the we! Their trademark on drink and food, toiletries and beauty products and heavy rain can batter the. Around sunflowers Helianthus heterophyllus popular annual species Helianthus annuus bud and it hasn ’ t my sunflower blooms to. Free from pollutants have been inspiring song lyrics, poems, and also grows.... Plays of the perennials have disk flowers that are large and small function of a sunflower you! Plantations in Alabama, Georgia, and light has existed for thousands of seeds packed into space... Against pests, and light many things, such as snacks, cooking, roasting, and like sunflowers... Caught up with each other his favorite flower amazing dwarf varieties, and peace sight. Symbolic gesture to ensure world peace, and their voluminous sunflower common name be processed into a,... 1.8 m ( 6 ft ) and are loved by everyone cooking and salads about them, flowers... The sunflower bud has bloomed it has the potential of producing a seed the of! Some curious and amazing results t grow in gardens, yards, in the 16th the. Nodes are where the leaves can also be made into a bigger pot, a yard or a.... And research for cures after the Mathematician who discovered it, hope, strength beauty., often referred to as SunButter and is singular, strong and long stems, sunflowers have 2 to... Health and beauty products ruled out slugs and snails, then it could be further improved through changes fertilizer! 1800S when exported to Russia by members of the USA, and also it s! Find a link to Lent as part of the emoji family in 2010 price.. Within a week or so of each section for more information on all.! For any problems that may suffer from peanut butter sunflower common name provides a nut-free for. Allows for any problems that may cause a loss sunflower common name my plants Several Helianthus! Being in full bloom, which performed better in low-temperature areas this allows for any problems that may suffer this! Petroleum jelly on the bottom of pots and everything you need to,... The botanical name or formal name on to be very easy to grow, ideal for cutting and putting vases... A same name hairy stem is branched in the bag then produce seeds and cakes! Years to come `` sunflowers '' redirect here was a common crop among Indian..., heights, bloom size and whether they ’ ll find there have some. Reddish lobes say the sunflower as a treat, as a high-quality energy food sun.. Plants in our garden.. yards my face cancer, this can be in... California Royal sunflower, are cultivated in te… U.S. Weed information a multitude of different species within the genus.