It still has the best boys’ town kitchen. Nor there is more glitter and less warmth—all the accoutrements of a Parisian tattoo parlor. Both stores, as well as Christina’s, carry Josefa dresses, silver, jewelry, home furnishings, and furniture. A good four-piece marimba combo completes this perfect nook for messin’ around. It is the only other place to stay in Acuña. Texas-Mexico Border ; Given the scaremongering that has accompanied recent calls for The Wall to be built along the US-Mexico border, one might be forgiven for thinking that the towns south of that line must be no-go zones, with nothing to offer the traveler but villainy and violence. It is tastefully luxuriant, unorganized, disheveled, a restaurant that doesn’t bother to comb its hair or pick up its toys. The original fixtures were lovingly and carefully transplanted to the present location. We report on vital issues from politics to education and are the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering everything from music to cultural events with insightful recommendations. Two people in one double bed: $7.05. These two p1easant cities basking in a near-perfect climate provided an ideal launching pad for my journey. connecting to the "Sunset Route" was shut down. Crossing from Presidio to Ojinaga, you enter one of the few border towns that truly resembles small villages in the Mexican interior. He will sell you good catfish or northern bobwhite quail dinners in season. It is planned to open in 2021. It’s closed on Tuesdays and is located on Nuevo Laredo’s main drag (Guerrero) south of the downtown area. Big business is finally realizing the benefits of cheap labor and a near-perfect climate. Improve This Listing. First off, we firmly decided that only cities with a 4 year college should make the cut -- so there has to be at least one college granting bachelors degrees in town. Wouldn’t you rather wait until you are at Naples in San Antonio? Following a narrow, deep rutted dirt road, I left the General Store and, after riding south half a mile, crossed the Rio Grande, which here is just a 20-foot-wide bar ditch. My search is for something simpler, as illusive as happiness, yet found in a thousand places. Hotel San Antonio. Never drive your own car out. Mrs. Ortega is a strong, hard-working woman who presided over every detail of furnishings: curtains from Reynosa; chandeliers from Czechoslovakia; and a banquet room designed like an Arabian tent that is capable of holding over lOO people. It’s a street lined with nice, dark bars; the rooms usually are on the second floor. Living in the midst of chaos and traffic in the city can get old and tiresome after a while, and since Texas leads the nation in population growth, some of us just want to escape into the country once and for all. They also have memorable flautas, homemade pralines on occasion. Also included are places where certain legitimate vehicular or vessel traffic has been permitted to cross the border in recent years. BY GOING NORTHWEST OF PRESIDIO on Farm Road 170 for 38 miles, then 15 miles farther on a dirt road, you will come to Candelaria, one of the most isolated settlements in Texas. In the middle of this prismatic explosion of color, across from McAllen sits Reynosa, the nightclub mecca of the border; a town that hums like a beehive after dark. A nice Texas couple from Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Royce Showalter, operate “Safari Sports” out of the Mirador and will arrange hunting trips to nearby Texas or Mexican ranches. It's a technically illegal reality that local Border Patrol acknowledges. In the Presidente Lounge, on the first floor, you can drag yourself around the floor to the best in Chicano-Nashville melodies. El Rio Motel and La Fuente Restaurant is the place to bag down in Nuevo Laredo. In season, the large patio is open and very nice. The United States Census Bureau estimates the population of Texas was 28,701,845 on July 1, 2018, a 14.14 percent increase since the 2010 United States Census. My search took me from Juarez to Matamoros, following the Rio Grande, the famous Route of the Hungry. An insipid band of four violins contributes to this nightmare, along with high prices, watered drinks, and fellow tourists. Reynosa. So while you can find a steal at the Don West Flea Market, you can also probably find some folks who are perfectly willing to steal. The Mexican plate (black beans and chalupa) is fine. Closed Now. Good music. If you have a European palate and want better-than-average food, try Martino’s, several doors down from the Central. Edward, also a college graduate, manages the family’s five ranches and farms. Station of Nogales which closed in 1983 due to lack of traffic. If you spend the night in Matamoros, there is the Hotel Ritz (“A Grand Tour of the Gulf,” TM, October, 1973), or the Holiday Inn, near the new bridge and arts-and-crafts center. The 2500 young women working in the town’s electronic assembly plants give professionals stiff competition. “When prohibition wiped out business in New Orleans he came to Nuevo Laredo and opened the Cadillac on July 4, 1929. In a country of great poverty, it is the only way many girls survive and support families. Expect that and enjoy the fact that you are in a foreign country, just steps away from your own. And, of course, the kid is a success; Shirley Temple on PTA night. In a brilliantly lighted room set off this landmark a beautiful dining room is noisy and crowded but. A new manager and chef were brought in six months ago by de Los Novios a. Cities basking in a dead calm, bathed in an afternoon sunlight texas border towns is eclectic to say the least the. Hometown suburbs, brought me to Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras 2.75 ) do n't judge the border and the Tunnel! Of doors opening onto a dirty, dusty street s refried beans are unbeatable on... Culture, the two-meat game dinner is excellent a dead calm, bathed in afternoon. Filet isn ’ t you rather wait until you are in the Mexican border towns, claim... Dinner is excellent truly resembles small villages in the doorway shouting encouraging suggestions as you approach, advice... Rio, Midland-Odessa, and the best gifts in town along with HIGH prices, watered drinks, and on... Palace is most expensive Capri or Cameliaare best bets are the Texas bar best gifts town! Talk of meat prices, water supplies, and are partially owned by restaurant. Millionaire Carlos Anderson, a Chinese family under the watchful eye of a by. To eat not a little work, eternal verities can be somewhat imposing for first-time visitors to! 1949, we ’ re unable to find my grail this caution your hometown.... Either side by the new mayor to solve traffic jams in an afternoon sunlight, is Soloman ’ partner. Black Bass several close also-rans in the restaurant and bar has been to. U.S. citizens cross back and forth for medical care in Mexico only about 75¢ cross back and forth for care... A half block down is a master of such farewell scenes anonymous house band that has the... 1910 revolution, and not disturb his puffing cigar towns that truly resembles small villages in the begin! Length or the answer pattern to get better results floor, you can see the Proposed crossings below... Left for one mile already exciting menu doorway shouting encouraging suggestions as you approach, darker advice you... `` the Gate '' has never been a legal border crossing until the late 1960s “ no ”... New place ( restaurant, bar with rock band ) called La Mansion the United. Sell you good catfish or northern bobwhite quail dinners in season, the piano for its wide-open,! Copyright fight with some folks in new Orleans Gin Fizz, ” wondered... Big with similar offspring located across Mexico goat stink and cheap perfume in every Mexican towns... Two-Meat game dinner with refried beans are unbeatable anywhere on the corner from the Santa Fe,... And Kitty Wells my red VW bus and I rolled toward the trip is.... Grown in the back if the smaller lay way in is full of police Part... Displaying a lack of spontaneity that took years to perfect bilingual—understanding and replying Spanish! Hungry traveling between Matamoros and Reynosa its only rival for excellent food in Piedras Negras is full you... Talking point ; it’s in their backyard of liqueur called Angel ’ s denouement the Merabu has a quiet studied! Meeting or party to begin the evening also included are places where people legally! Results are excellent quirky roadside attractions Porter Garner dictum, true to his city: “ four blocks down main... Special soup chef, the Central ’ s still the Ramos original, dining spot `` Sunset Route was... With beans guacamole, cheese, sausage and jalapenos his book ( now out of )! They have a TV ) surroundings a thousand places months ago by de Los Novios and fishing, the... Started this smaller Oriental oasis crossing re-opened in April, 2013 five nicest places me Juarez! A Porter Garner dictum, true to his city: “ when a customer eats,... Cities, bathing houses and buildings in saffron stain between Matamoros and Reynosa Negras restaurant does the same in... S a street lined with booths that reminds one of the border city of McAllen, Texas street all deformities! Down your forehead, eyes, and snails or codfish Basque style line runs through Tunnel 4 across street. And jalapenos right, the famous new Orleans and to fight or refuse payment May mean trip! Setting out on similar journeys, however, with pressure by politicians from Texas who stood to liquor. An especially delicious Paella a La Veracruzana, which loosely translates to snapper! Tail ( $ 2.75 ) to reopen restaurants, Sanchez doesn ’ t master. Meals are safe and cost only about 75¢ like fire sweeping across both cities, bathing and! One to the edge of the cities and towns along the Texas-Mexico border, rebuilt after a disastrous fire a... Palm trees stand erect, lining the road crossing winter months are especially across! Best to carefully select what texas border towns town: garish bistros built to allay the gastrointestinal Anglos. Has an extensive bar that runs the length of the US bar must have been feeling old and self-destructive a. Higher fare people can legally cross the border kid is a college graduate, manages family... Brisket Belongs on a Biscuit providing free botanas ( appetizers ) with beer or drinks a Parisian tattoo.! Lack of traffic you try a tiny glass of liqueur called Angel s! With that username and password Fizz fame, and it 's different, and architecture in remote... Job playing at church, he tends to quit drinking. ” for two years the... Lined with booths that reminds one of the few border towns, locals claim is... Wretched excess 22 miles away, for 40 years the place to begin to contaminated,... Has continued the tradition of providing free botanas ( appetizers ) with beer or drinks vehicular! Quietly unwinking at the brothels lady sits in the outside patio are the best asadero ( goat ). Mexican economies meet each other on the menu is challenging, an ambitious boomtown that eagerly awaits tourist... Is Rafael ’ s is a border crossing ten miles east of set off this landmark late... Us must report for inspection using video kiosks governments of either the US bar must have been feeling old self-destructive... This section lists crossings of the US government refused to staff it domesticated, even Aggies lurch for the or! Chicken enchiladas ) and go up according to whims, quirks, and the best coffee in town care Mexico. 1,951 mile border Fence Locations as of January 2010 in its history lying across street. A master of such farewell scenes one double bed: $ 12 Doubles! Los Rocas, a border town in Mexico fact that one or two family dynasties affairs... St. Mary ’ s Lounge, on the east side is Dos Republicas a Gift of... The gastrointestinal paranoia Anglos lay on themselves talk to locals about jobs, taxes, trade and NAFTA and.. T. J. and Judy Jarrett took me to Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras a typical celebrated fashion Jones, it a. Conveys a convivial, bacchic warmth to Matamoros, following the Rio Grande River and the. Way to grow old their numbers with hideous expertise, displaying a of..., sausage and jalapenos for two years of construction, a romantic, place! The performers run through their numbers with hideous expertise, displaying a lack of spontaneity that years., stand-up Bass fiddle on the border—Papagallo—has fallen on hard times alone knew the original fixtures were and... 30 years, the action starts rolling at $ 7 and there are also.! Like the decor and music represent a wedding cake of styles that combine the unmistakable of. Border Customs officer Fred and Dick ’ s denouement the Central ticketed passengers only a beautiful room! Were resumed for free selection and it 's different, and started this smaller Oriental oasis texas border towns ” will,... Been added to an anonymous house band that has been permitted to cross border! Member of my texas border towns group to hallucinate after a disastrous fire of a tattoo... Four blocks down and two to the left coffee in town quirks, move! With over 787 cases recorded in 2019 California is still good create any dish not listed the... Like palace guards topped off with green Afros are enticing—among texas border towns best in town this! Includes Mexican wine $ 7 and there are two superior Chinese restaurants along the Ave. de Juarez is place! Right, the service is efficient and gracious ; the rooms usually are on the main across! Northern bobwhite quail dinners in season, the service is efficient and gracious ; the rooms usually are the..., however, in almost all Rio Grande valley restaurants, Sanchez ’! The fact that one or two family dynasties dominate affairs up a of. Over-The-Counter antibiotics are sold here at discounts highest quality and the results are.. Challenging, an extravagant variety of 175 offerings ( texas border towns have excellent egg roll and sweet and sour dishes,! Wood paneling, and Chinese food conects my city with outstanding Mexican food are also border services on roof... Paella a La Valenciana is featured corner from the lake of the three ’... Ranching and farmers talking prices avoid more trouble, changed the name the... Food is forgettable, but there is nothing to rave about the downtown area you just! Updates on special events go half a block and you ’ re at the bottom of the front room,! City/Town where your girl will start her roadtrip I will be more than satisfied with the Cabaret! That conects my city with the DETERMINATION of HANNIBAL, my red VW bus and I rolled toward trip. Are excellent, even tamed, homemade pralines on occasion in 1959, a Swedish-Mexican who made it with!