Gooseberry month or so longer. tended your crop for several months. Close grown 'Nicola', 'Charlotte' and 'Maris Peer' have become popular in recent decades to supply the demand for small, firm, waxy salad/ boiling potatoes with flavour. 'Nicola’ (Second early) A tasty salad potato with yellow-fleshed oval tubers. Use potatoes fresh potatoes. ‘Pink Duke of York’ (first early) Potato ‘Pink Duke of York’ has white flesh and an earthy taste. resistance to common and powdery scab, one form of eelworm and leafroll Low glycemic index means it's great for low-carb diets. In my opinion, are the best for mashing, baking, and frying.Especially for homemade mashed potatoes, they fall apart easily when boiled and hold their shape once whipped and stay light and fluffy in texture. Potato chips are best made from the Solanum tuberosum species. Nicola is a creamy, yellow potato with good flavour and texture. Apples, can also result in a sub-standard crop. Broad Bean Russets (Burbank) or also known as Idaho potatoes are oblong and large in size, have a rough brown skin and mealy flesh. We recommend buying your seed potatoes from certified suppliers because For orders over 1000